From The Beginning

It matters who you choose to represent your legal interests. We know that your case is very important to you, and probably one of the things that causes you the most stress. Our attorneys at The Law Office of Brian W. Hurd have been serving Merritt Island and the surrounding areas for years. We have developed a reputation for relieving stress from our clients.

Our Approach

All cases and clients are not the same — for that reason we acquaint ourselves with the details. Our response to your situation will be as unique as you and your case are. When you meet with us will receive the following:

  • Attention to you as an individual
  • Veracity and direction
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Frequent communication

Your needs will not be lost amongst a pile of empty words. Before our initial consultation has concluded you will be aware of a strategy that you can comprehend, and the assurance of constant communication. The strategy will be based upon your particular case, but informed by our experience.

Family Law, Estate And Probate And Personal Injury Cases

The complicated and important details of family law must be considered with knowledge and experience. We have both. We have the education and exposure that you want from your Family Law attorney.

You and your family could experience many different outcomes in estate and probate matters. Once we’ve met we will be able to forecast the challenges most likely to face you. Uncertainty regarding the future can be stressful and feel chaotic, and that’s why we do what we do. Once you retain our services you will benefit from the comfort of knowing that you’re not alone.

Personal injury cases are very sensitive. In addition to financial concerns, clients are also dealing with health issues. Our staff is accustomed to accommodating those health issues sensitively while also offering an aggressive representation.

Further Information

Are you unsure of how to proceed? We can assist you. Our initial consultation fee is reduced by $100 because we want to find a way to be of service. To schedule a consultation, fill out our online contact form or call us at 321-453-5007 or toll free at 877-409-1022.