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Legal disputes can leave you desiring clarity and result. At The Law Office of Brian W. Hurd we consider your case personally, and you as a person. We are proud of our track record, and our client’s experiences with us. You will receive the attention that you deserve, and that means that you will be properly informed of your potential courses of action.

We are expert and experienced in estate planning, guardianship and probate. Ask around the community and you will find that we are known for distilling complex legal situations into information that our clients can understand. We wouldn’t have been around for as long as we have unless we behaved with the qualities we claim.

Serving those around us is what we enjoy most. Our attorneys provide expert services for fees that you can afford. If you’re in Merritt Island or elsewhere in Central Florida, call today to schedule an initial consultation.

Though a majority of our clientele live locally, we’ve also worked with clients in New York and New Jersey. It is not incommon for us to represent clients who live elsewhere, but own property in Florida which is subject to Florida probate law. Technology allows us to work for clients without communication being harmed, and we can, in many cases, appear in court on behalf of clients who are out of state.

We serve Central Florida and the surrounding areas.

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