Probate For Non-Florida Residents

You don't have to live in Florida to be affected by the Florida probate process. Florida is known for its extensive retirement communities, and many people buy retirement or vacation properties here, even though they live much of their lives in other, colder states.

When these people pass away, their Florida properties often become caught up in Florida's probate process. Their families need the help of a local, Florida attorney who can effectively navigate the process - an experienced lawyer with in-depth knowledge of Florida probate law.

At our Merritt Island law firm, we represent clients with interest in Florida property. We frequently represent clients who live in other states such as New York, New Jersey, Washington and Ohio. Many of our clients have parents or other family members who owned property in Florida.

Many of the probate matters we handle come to me on referral from probate attorneys in other states. We assist these attorneys by handling the assessment and division of the portions of estates located in Florida.

Our reasonable rates set us apart. We know that our clients have recently experienced a difficult time. Moving forward after loss, they may not have access to the funds necessary to pay attorney's fees. We offer reasonable rates and flexible payment plans to accommodate our clients' needs.

Contact A Brevard County Attorney For Out-Of-State Executors

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