Legal Counsel For Guardian Advocacy In Florida

At our Merritt Island law firm - The Law Office of Brian W. Hurd - we represent the parents, caregivers and friends of people with developmental disabilities or other physical impairments. Their loved ones have been diagnosed with conditions such as autism, Down syndrome cerebral palsy, spina bifida and Prader-Willi syndrome.

Many of these family members come to us seeking emergency legal help. Many are stressed or overwhelmed because of problems with their child's education, health care or finances. They feel powerless to correct those problems because their children have turned 18 and are technically adults under the law.

Under Florida law, people become responsible for their own decisions when they reach age 18. Even if a developmental disability affects a child's abilities to make decisions in his or her own best interests, parents no longer have the legal authority to make decisions for their children.

We help parents gain the legal authority to make decisions that are best for their adult children by guiding them through the process of applying to be a guardian advocate for a person with a developmental disability. Guardian advocacy is a special Florida procedure that allows parents to become the guardians of their adult age developmentally disabled children.

The Guardian Advocacy Process

A guardian advocate can often be appointed through a straightforward process. As your attorney, we can meet with you, draft the required motions and appear at a hearing. A lawyer will probably be appointed by the court to represent the person with a developmental disability. The judge in the case will evaluate the situation and make a determination. If the matter is uncontested, families often find that the guardianship is approved with very little stress.

If your developmentally disabled child is nearing age 18, it may be time to make special legal arrangements for his or her continued care. Families that fail to do so often find themselves in trouble - unable to consent to treatment at a hospital or unable to make specific requests about a child's education.

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