Temporary Custody By Extended Family Members

Family consists of the people you love and care for. Today in America, each family is different. More than ever before grandparents raise grandkids, adult siblings watch out for their younger brothers and sisters, and aunts and uncles take care of their nieces and nephews when parents are unable.

At The Law Office of Brian W. Hurd, we represent parents and other relatives who have their children's best interests in mind. Located in Merritt Island and serving people throughout central Florida, we help caring adults obtain the best possible results in legal proceedings related to child custody and other family law matters.

Temporary Custody Puts Kids With Their Families Instead Of Florida DCF

Many of our clients are extended family members who step up to care for children when physical, mental and emotional troubles keep their parents from providing adequate care. Parents of these children often struggle with addiction, alcoholism or mental illness, and their relatives' loving care of their children keeps families together and out of the system during a difficult time.

Just taking care of children, however, does not give a person legal rights to make decisions for them according to Florida law. Extended family members need legal authority to make critical decisions, including:

  • Consent to medical treatment
  • Enroll children in school
  • Apply for financial and health benefits

To help our clients obtain these rights, we petition the court for temporary custody on their behalf. Parents retain their rights to their children and can take care of them again when they get their lives back on track. If needed, we can act quickly to help grandparents and other relatives gain emergency child custody.

Of course, each case is different. In some cases, we represent parents who oppose their relatives' temporary custody petitions. We side with our clients and work diligently to protect their best interests.

Hiring A Lawyer: A Smart Way To Take Care Of Your Family

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