Paternity can be a sensitive and legally complicated issue for both fathers and mothers. At The Law Office of Brian W. Hurd, we frequently represent Florida clients - both mothers and fathers - in paternity matters. We focus on providing efficient solutions through mediation and other nonlitigious approaches whenever possible; and we are also well-versed in litigation so we can defend your rights in the courtroom when needed as well.

Protecting Fathers' Rights

Many of our clients are fathers who are not married to their children's mothers and whose names are not on the birth certificates. The mothers are dictating conditions regarding child visitation and parenting time that seem unfair. According to the law, you only have child visitation rights if you are legally considered the father of the child. Through DNA testing we can prove that you are the father, and work with the courts to establish a parenting plan and time-sharing schedule that is equitable and allows you the time you deserve with your child or children.

Paternity and Child Support

Another issue we frequently handle involves the intersection between child support and paternity. Until paternity is established, a father is not legally bound to provide any child support.

Brevard County Parental Rights Lawyer Offering Efficient Solutions

We believe that it is important to make our services as accessible as we can for our clients. We offer payment plans, flexible billing and payment arrangements. If you are in need of paternity representation, call 321-252-4687 or e-mail us.