Estate Planning For Blended Families

Families are more complex than ever before. While it is true that your family is made up of the people you love - the people who you surround yourself with - the probate process might not conform to your unique family needs. If you trust your estate to Florida's legal system, you could find that your wishes and the law do not coincide and that the people you care about most are not provided for.

The best course of action? Work with an attorney who can draft an estate plan that protects your interests and your family.

At our Merritt Island law firm, The Law Office of Brian W. Hurd, we represent families throughout central Florida. Many of our clients are members of mixed or blended families. They are parents who have remarried, and who have stepchildren, adopted children or children together in a second marriage. Many of our clients have extended family that they care for and want to see them included in an estate plan.

Our clients want what's best for the people they love. They want to make sure that their children get the assets they deserve - even if Florida law doesn't account for them in its strictest application. Our clients also want to protect their families from the fighting that can come when beneficiaries disagree about an inheritance.

How you choose to treat your children and other heirs in your estate plan is up to you. We draft estate plans that meet the unique needs of their families. We guide my clients through the decision-making process, helping them take into account things like complex assets and prenuptial agreements.

Contact A Merritt Island Attorney. Get Advice On Wills For Blended Families.

Whether your family is about to change or whether you are taking time to put things in order, there is never a better time to speak with a Brevard County estate planning attorney about your blended family.

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